Mesutronic sales partner Roosjen N.V. from Belgium is “Partner of the year 2015”

Kirchberg. This year’s “Partner of the year” award goes to the Belgian company Roosjen N.V.  The Antwerp-based supplier of foreign body detection systems, magnetic technology and weighing equipment has been a sales partner of Mesutronic GmbH since 1997. Managed by Henk Roosjen with the assistance of his two sons Hans and Lykle since the founding of the company in 1990, the company is today one of the first go-to addresses for customers from the foodstuffs, pharamceutical and plastics industries.

The ten ladies and gentlemen from the Roosjen company have been generating continuous growth in the hotly contested Belgian market for over 25 years, especially in the metal detection segment. Particular credit must be given to the high commitment of the Roosjen family over many years, which has made this success possible. Roosjen’s high customer orientation and motivation makes it the deserving winner of our “Partner of the year 2015” award.

Mesutronic Geschäftsführer Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier (l.i.B.) und Sales Manager- Export Marco Venditti (r.i.B.) überreichen Lykle Roosjen die Urkunde „Partner des Jahres 2015“.

Mesutronic’s Managing Director Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier (left) and Sales Manager- Export Marco Venditti (right) present Lykle Roosjen with the “Partner of the year 2015” certificate.

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