Mesutronic at the Interpack with more safety for your packaged products

Mesutronic GmbH is exhibiting the most diverse and proven metal detectors and separators for the food and pharmaceuticals industry at Booth F75 in Hall 11 at the Interpack in Düsseldorf. Trade fair highlights are the easySCOPE X-ray inspection system and the TRANSTRON S conveyor belt system with implemented METRON 07 CI metal detector. The latter is equipped with multi-frequency technology and many new software features.

In order to keep pace with the increasing demands of consumers and the retail trade, more and more producers in the packaging industry are relying on X-ray technology. The easySCOPE X-ray inspection appliance was specially developed for the examination of end-packaged products and, apart from the precise detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals, it also enables the detection of other types of foreign body, such as glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones and several dense types of plastic. Not only that, X-ray technology can be used to determine many other product defects. By means of special algorithms, for example, sausages closure clips can be excluded from the check or the correct number of chocolates in a package can be determined.

TRANSTRON with multi-frequency-technology

A further highlight at the trade fair booth is the TRANSTRON S conveying system together with the METRON 07 CI high-end tunnel detector. The METRON 07 CI is equipped with the latest multi-frequency technology. With learning optimisation activated and the specification of a minimum detection standard to be adhered to, a new software algorithm determines – fully automatically – the maximum tolerance to any existing disruptive influences and product fluctuations. Furthermore, the detection accuracy determined thereby is displayed directly on the display in the form of ball sizes for each type of metal. As a result, the work required to set up the metal detector is considerably reduced, especially in the case of difficult products with a fluctuating product effect or packaging sizes.

Visit us at the Interpack in Duesseldorf and see “Metal detection – made in Germany” for yourself: our team of experts is looking forward to seeing you!