Award for the turkish company HASTEK as “Partner of the year 2021”

Partner of the year 2021 - HASTEK Plastik Sistemleri San. Ticaret Ltd. Sti.

In Mai Andreas Schreiner, Area Sales Manager Asia-Pacific, honored company HASTEK Plastik Sistemleri San. Ticaret Ltd. Sti. as „Partner of the year”.

Founded in 1998, the company is a specialist for the plastics industry, supplying its customers with high quality systems and extensive services. Offices, storage and showroom cover around 3500 sqm.

For several years HASTEK is in charge of the Turkish plastics industry for MESUTRONIC exclusively, earning this award with outstanding achievements in sales and service. It was received by Cem Özkaracalar, one of the companies CEOs and his son Sarp.

Visiting Technology Leaders

ARBERLAND REGio Netzwerktreffen - Zu Gast bei Technologieführern

MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH hosted the networking format “Visiting Technology Leaders”. This was held for the seventh time by ARBERLAND REGio GmbH. The focus was on the use of AI in modern mechanical engineering.

During the factory tour on the premises of MESUTRONIC, the participants examined the latest innovations in production technology, software and hardware development, as well as in company processes. The 50 or so interested participants were representatives of local business, politics and science. The presentation segment was opened by the District Administrator of Regen, Rita Röhrl. Christian Boxleitner, Managing Director of MESUTRONIC, then gave an insight into the current and future use of artificial intelligence in the corporate environment.

The event continued with presentations on the topic of AI, including the keynote speech “Machine Learning in Mechanical Engineering” by the renowned Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the TH Deggendorf. The series of lectures was concluded with closing remarks by the head of district development, Ms. Judith Weinberger-Singh.

Christian Boxleitner takes over as managing director of MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH

Well equipped for the digital future: Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier hands over the reins to Christian Boxleitner

Well equipped for the digital future: Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier hands over the reins to Christian Boxleitner

On 1 January, 2022, the previous managing director and co-founder of the foreign body detection specialist from Lower Bavaria, Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier (63), was replaced by Christian Boxleitner (47). Dürrmeier leaves the company in excellent shape after 28 years at the helm and will retire on 31 May, 2022 following a transitional phase in an advisory capacity.

As his designated successor, Christian Boxleitner has already been in charge of Marketing and Sales for over a year. After previously working as a development engineer at MESUTRONIC, he held managerial positions at various internationally operative companies. These jobs were accompanied by an MBA study course in “Digital Corporate Governance”.

One of the new CEO’s core goals is to make greater use of digitisation tools for the already begun path of uncompromising customer orientation in the areas of communication, solutions and service.

“The mechanical engineering industry must learn from the major players in the B2C sector. It must understand its customers and their needs and put them first. In the course of digitisation, a positive customer experience will become a central differentiating element in the competition for customers and projects through easier comparability in a transparent knowledge society. “One recognisable trend is product individualisation. Here I clearly see the strengths of medium-sized mechanical engineering companies and, above all, of MESUTRONIC – series quality at batch size 1,” says Boxleitner.

MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of innovative foreign body detection systems. The company has installed over 40,000 inspection devices (metal detectors, metal separators and X-ray machines) worldwide. 230 employees, of whom 27 are trainees, are employed at the Kirchberg im Wald site. Since 2019, MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH has been majority-owned by the stock market listed INDUS Holding AG from Bergisch Gladbach.

MESUTRONIC becomes part of the Indus Holding AG

CEO Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier (left) introducing Mesutronic on the Indus Holding AG investor summit together with chairman Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schmidt (right)

CEO Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier (left) introducing Mesutronic on the Indus Holding AG investor summit together with chairman Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schmidt (right)

The Indus Holding AG from Bergisch Gladbach acquires a majority share of the detection system specialist located in Kirchberg im Wald, Germany.

Investment company Indus is specialized in company succession in SME’s and long term and sustainable enterprise development. The operative management will stay unchanged for the foreseeable future. As daughter company, also the Mesutronic France SAS becomes part of the Indus Holding AG.

In over 25 years of company history, the Mesutronic Gerätebau GmbH lived through different stages of growth. The operative business started in 1993 with a staff of 5. Today more than 40.000 systems have been sold to over 50 countries, while the company grew to over 210 employees.

To secure further development in the future, the company owners, mostly still working actively in management, have decided to settle the matter of succession early on. „We had time to decide on a really fitting partner“ says Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier (60), CEO and managing partner of Mesutronic.

Die Indus AG is an expert for succession in medium sized enterprises and so called “Hidden Champions“. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schmidt (58), chairman of the Indus AG gives a clear statement on this topic: “As the leading specialist in the field of sustainable investment in the German-speaking SME sector, we acquire mostly owner-managed companies and assist them in setting a long-term trajectory for their entrepreneurial development.” The group currently holds shares in 45 companies of various industries, amongst others in engineering, life science and automotive technology.

“With Indus at our side we are well positioned for the future. In addition to our own resources, we can now tap in the entrepreneurial know-how and the support of a company family with more than 10.000 employees. With this backup we can now focus on boosting our future development projects.” explains Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier further.

The operative management staff will remain unchanged for the next years to come. Also, in terms of customer or supplier relations there are no changes to be expected.