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POWTECH/TechnoPharm 2014: MESUTRONIC draws positive conclusion

MESUTRONIC Metalldetektoren POWTECH 2015

The company MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH can look back on a very successful exhibition for the company with the POWTECH/TechnoPharm 2014 in Nuremberg. In addition to a new booth concept in hall 6, booth 310, which was perceived very positively, many visitors were interested in the wide application range of metal detectors and metal separators. Solutions for a large number of projects in the field of pneumatic conveying lines, as well as in free falling bulk goods, with the various high-precision metal detection systems. The conveyor belt system TRANSTRON, issued in the configuration for the study of sacks, enjoyed great interest and provided interesting installation possibilities. The two metal detectors PHARMATRON 05 A and 07 HQ for tablet and capsule inspection after tablet presses and dedusters, impressed with the sophisticated technology and simple handling. The high number of visitors, many new projects and the great quality of customer meetings reaffirmed the importance of the trade fair in Nuremberg.


MESUTRONIC on the international timber trade fair 2014 in Klagenfurt


The new MESUTRONIC booth with pictured METRON 05 CO splitter detector

The MESUTRONIC GmbH exhibits on the international timber fair in Klagenfurt, Austria. On booth E02 in hall 01, the Company shows metal detectors and Separators for machinery protection and the control of finished products. With these systems, chippers, presses, milling cutters, scalping machines and saws are effectively protected against damage caused by metal foreign bodies. A highlight on the completely redesigned booth is the metal detector METRON 05 VT which serves as a protection of chipping machines. It can be installed directly into the vibratory conveyor trough. Since no metal free zones and no skid plates required, the assembly cost is kept very low. The international timer trade fair n Klagenfurt is helf this year from 04th – 07th September. About 460 exhibitors will present themselves in the fair with gheir products and Services around the timber industry.

Mesutronic Gerätebau GmbH

MESUTRONIC employee Johann Weiß receives award from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology

MESUTRONIC Entwicklungsleiter Manfred Artinger (links im Bild) und Entwicklungsingenieur Herbert Ranzinger (rechts im Bild) gratulieren Johann Weiß zu seinen herausragenden Leistungen.

MESUTRONIC Director of Research and Development Manfred Artinger (left) and Development Engineer Herbert Ranzinger (right) congratulate Johann Weiß to his excellent performance.

Kirchberg im Wald. Good performance should be honored. MESUTRONIC employee Johann Weiß was awarded by the Deggendorf Institute of Technology as one of two best students in the study Electrical and Information Engineering after the third semester. Johann Weiß, who comes from Zell (Kirchberg), after school began training at the MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH as an electronics technician for devices and systems. For the completion of his training was given Weiß an honorary award from the Chamber of Commerce Lower Bavaria for his journeyman’s certificate, which he finished with a score of 1.0. “One should not give anything away,” said Weiß after training and he sign on at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology for the study Electrical and Information Engineering after successful completion of the vocational high school. As part of the dual system of Deggendorf Institute of Technology found Weiß again the way back to MESUTRONIC. “After a discussion with management it was clear after the Training that I will go the way of my further education with MESUTRONIC.” So Johann Weiß. In the department of development gets the Electrical and Information Engineering student the best possible care and highly technological know-how for his education. For the MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH is the qualified training for employees, such as Johann Weiß, an important solution strategy against the shortage of skilled workers in the region. “Through the dual study in combination with practice, students learn an optimal variety of theory and practice. In MESUTRONIC the student is already integrated into ongoing projects or even confided to him his own Project. Thus we build specialist expertise within the company on. “So MESUTRONIC development engineer and trainer Herbert Ranzinger. The cooperation between the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and the MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH within the framework of the dual system is seen at the Kirchberger device producer as an opportunity to exchange ideas, especially in the areas of research and development. “Also, by the further education prepare employees offered the opportunity to continue the training without leaving the company. Thus, both sides have a certain amount of predictability for the near future. “So MESUTRONIC Director of Research and Development Manfred Artinger.

Mesutronic Gerätebau GmbH

Accom certified as Partner of the Year 2013

KIRCHBERG – The Accom Technology Co. Ltd. has been certified as Mesutronic Partner of the Year 2013.

“The outstanding sales growth, the great customer service and unbeatable expertise of Accom made our decision easy.” states Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier, CEO of Mesutronic Gerätebau GmbH.

The Award ceremony took place in middle of January 2014, as part of a technician training, in the Mesutronic plant in Kirchberg i.W. Accom was founded on the Western Pacific island of Taiwan in 1993. Since 2005 the company is exclusive partner of MESUTRONIC in the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan.

With 45 employees and six offices in China, Accom Technology has become one of the specialists in product inspection in the PR China segment. Starting from the Headquarters in Shanghai and the individual agencies, over 3000 customers are cared in the main business areas food, chemistry and medicine.


Accom - Partner 2013

CEO Karl-Heinz Dürrmeier presents the certificate for the Partner of the Year 2013 to the representatives of Accom Technology.


Great interest in innovative solutions in industrial metal detection Technology from MESUTRONIC

From the 05/21/2014 was the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund two days the venue for one of the most important business and information platforms in the bulk industry. The SOLIDS 2014 was with 393 exhibitors and 5,000 professional visitors as busy as ever. This trend was also reflected on the MESUTRONIC booth again. Numerous interested visitors informed themselves about the latest solutions from the device manufacturer. In particular, it was about the topics machinery protection and product quality assurance for visitors from the bulk area. For this essential important issues of a manufacturing company the MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH offers, among other things, the metal separator QUICKTRON 07 RH. The inspection device scans bulk materials in free fall, high precision and is a first in terms of Hygiene. Another top unit in the industrial metal detection technology is the metal detector PTRON 03 FM from MESUTRONIC. The detector is mainly used in the plastics sector and inspects granules, flakes, regrind and virgin material in vertical and horizontal Suction Lines.

MESUTRONIC presents itself at the Techtextil 2013

Frankfurt. The Techtextil 2013 takes place from 11 to 13 June 2013 in Frankfurt.

Over the three days of the trade fair the emphasis will be on the topics concerning the technical textile industry. This year more exhibitors, many returnees, new companies and joint booths are expected. The returnees also include MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH from Kirchberg im Wald in Lower Bavaria. Among other things, the metal detection specialist is presenting the METRON 05 POWER LINE metal detector in conjunction with the HIGH SPEED TEXREJECT ejection mechanism at the trade fair. The round metal detector is built into pneumatic fibre transport pipelines. The multiple-encapsulated detector coil is thereby integrated directly into the piping system – with no additional sampling pipe – and is thus completely screened against external interference. The ideal supplement to the METRON 05 POWER LINE is the extremely fast HIGH SPEED TEXREJECT ejection mechanism for the removal of metal parts or sparks. MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH is presenting these and further highlights from the field of metal detection technology at its booth C23 in Hall 3.0. The machine manufacturer from Lower Bavaria is looking forward to greeting numerous trade fair visitors and to interesting technical discussions.

Qualitätskontrolle in der Lebensmittelindustrie

MESUTRONIC presents innovative metal detection technology to protect food quality at the Anuga FoodTec 2015

Cologne is again the venue for this year’s Anuga FoodTec, the leading trade fair for the international food and beverage industry. It is the only trade fair in the world that covers all aspects of food production. The topic metal detection for quality assurance in the food and beverage industry is again an important part of the show.

MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH has just the right metal detectors and metal separators for the task, which are presented on booth B-011 in hall 5.2. Amongst other innovations, the metal detector manufacturer from Kirchberg, Germany, is showing the new autoTEST sytem. The fully automatic detector test greatly simplifies performance validation tests. Reducing the human factor in detector performance validation tests results in higher reproducibility of the procedure, great savings on manpower and despite that even higher process safety due to shorter test intervals.

The autoTEST system is installed in a belt conveying typ TRANSTRON by MESUTRONIC. This system incorporates a metal detector and can be used for the inspection of bulk materials or packed goods.

Highlight is the metal separator MEATLINE 07 O, which finds its application between a vacuum filler and a downstream clipper or length portioning device with self-propulsion.

The MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH is looking forward to many visitors and interesting discussions at Anuga FoodTec 2015.


Mesutronic Gerätebau GmbH

Is your product truly metal-free?

MESUTRONIC presents innovative metal detection technology at interpack 2014 (Halle 11 / Stand 11F75) Kirchberg im Wald. From 08 – 14 May 2014 the Interpack in Dusseldorf again opens its doors and informed about the latest trends and solutions in the packaging industry. The MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH will present the many international exhibitors its top solutions in the field of industrial metal detection for quality assurance of products and protecting production facilities. Among the exhibits is the metal separator MEAT LINE 07 O for sausage producers. The separator finds its application in vacuum fillers and removed automatically and without interrupting production metal contamination in pasty materials such as sausage meat. The MEATLINE 07 O is equipped with an optional waste material bin, to foreclose the contaminated product according to IFS-Standards. The inspection device saves time to clean because the three-way rotary plug-separation mechanism can be disassembled without tools in a few steps. The inspection device saves time to clean because the three-way rotary cone-separation mechanism can be disassembled without tools in a few steps. The dismantled parts are placed comfortable during the cleaning of the integrated basin, to all parts to be able to hand reassemble. Thus, the device meets the highest hygiene standards in the industry. An installed tubular frame of the metal separator serves as a maneuvering aid and as a bull bar. Variants of the detector with Gear extension or conventional detector are for sale.